“Holding On To You” cover!

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you probably know how much I love music – and not just listening to it. I love playing, learning new instruments, coming up with melodies, and writing songs. I started piano lessons when I was six and picked up electric and acoustic guitar on my own (thanks, Internet!) when I was in middle school. My friends and I started a worship band and I picked up a bit of bass and drums during practices when we were all goofing off.

All this to say, music is great. It amazes me when I think about how God created each key and note and that he puts this desire to create something new and amazing within us. One of my new favorite bands of late is Twenty One Pilots – their music just has this way of capturing exactly what I’m feeling and expressing it in such a genuine and passionate way. So since I was trying to avoid doing homework yesterday on my day off, I recorded a cover of “Holding On To You”! It’s one of my favorites from their newer album. Hope you like it!

Some of my other favorite Twenty One Pilots songs are “Addict With A Pen,” “Trees,” “Car Radio,” and “House of Gold”. Seriously, check them out!


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